Solaris Novellas

New Novella Incoming

I have a new book coming! It’s actually a novella, which, in publishing parlance, generally means stories under 50,000 words, with the average novel being about 100,000.

My novella is The Difficult Loves of Maria Makiling, courtesy of my publisher, Rebellion. It’s part of a Canadian Trifecta, which was not something my publisher meant to do. But somehow, as the opening salvo of their “Solaris Satellites” line of three novellas every year, their debut titles are all coming from Canucks.

I’m not going to question that, but I sure am amused by it.

There hasn’t been a release date determined, as logistics things are still being worked out in the background, but you can go to the Rebellion website to find out more about it.

Even More Interviews

For people that still, somehow, want to more about either The Chimera Code or me, I put in a couple of additional appearances at some new places.

The formidable Chuck Wendig has a list of five things I learned writing my book. That article appears on his blog, HERE.

If you’d like to hear how I actually sound when I speak, I had a far-roaming chat with Dan Smith on his Coffee In Space podcast. That audio interview is HERE.

Well, It’s Official

I am now a published author. Or, at least, published in eBook format, as the print edition is slated for November.

Wow, this is a very weird feeling since I’d been waiting years for this. The day has arrived, but, as with most things in publishing, this was a slow-motion affair that has been plodding towards this moment. I had a lot of fun writing this book, so I hope you have fun reading it.

Book Review: Agency

Because he is one of the reasons I became a writer, I read this as quickly as possible. So here’s my review, pinched from Goodreads.

Agency is pure classic William Gibson in one way and a new Gibson in another. On the one hand, the futurism, the wry insights into the way we interact with and integrate technology into our lifestyles, is wonderfully intact. Gibson’s language is as dense, precise, and striking as ever. Continue reading →